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Modifying Your Car Engine Boosts Power and Performance
by: Walter Shuler

In order to milk every last ounce of power and performance from your ride, you'll need to invest in numerous modifications. While modifications like body kits, performance wheels, aftermarket brakes and wing spoilers all add performance, only modifying your car engine will help you produce the horsepower needed to power your car down the street or the strip. Here are some of the most popular ways to modify your car engine and get the performance that you crave:

Cold Air Intake – A cold air intake can help boost the performance of your car engine by a substantial amount. OEM intakes absorb warm air from around the engine, which detracts from the performance capabilities of your car's engine. By supplying a steady stream of cold, dense air, a cold air intake can give you better combustion, which provides more power per stroke, propelling you down the street with greater gusto - a visit to will help you find the intake for you.
Custom Ignition System – Your car engine can benefit from a custom ignition system. Performance spark plugs and spark plug wires can add horsepower to your engine. In addition, advanced timing can also give you greater oomph. Performance plugs and wires provide more spark (what ignites fuel and drives the pistons in your engine). When combined with the benefits of a cold air intake, a custom ignition system provides considerable performance enhancements.
Superchargers and Turbos – Superchargers and turbochargers can ramp up your car's engine performance to a dramatically higher degree. Each system offers different benefits, so you will need to choose the right one for your needs. For instance, a supercharger provides performance enhancements across a wide range of the power band. A turbo, on the other hand, offers greater performance at higher RPM ranges (basically, a supercharger is great for the street, while a turbocharger is ideal for the track).
High Performance Radiators – A high performance engine produces more power, and, thus, more heat. A high performance radiator will be needed to keep it cool. These radiators are designed to deal with much higher temperatures and pressure ranges than OEM radiators are. These will help keep your performance engine safe from overheating and running smoothly no matter where you run your car.

These are just a few of the modifications that you can make to a car engine in order to maximize power and performance. With the right tools and a little help, you can ramp up engine performance to incredible heights.  
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