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When you buy a new car, the best you can do for it is a proper maintenance. A well maintained car last longer and performs better. Moreover, the cost of maintenance can be decreased considerably by following a few car preventive car maintenance tips. In other words you need to understand your car better and should give priority to its time to time maintenance. Let us understand what the preventive car maintenance basically is.
Preventive Maintenance: - Preventive maintenance is the kind of maintenance that prevents the essential parts of your car from wearing-out early. This is because a machine needs proper protection and that too in time. Otherwise, even a small fault can grow-up the irreparable condition and you might end-up paying more than double on getting replaced this permanently faulty part.
Tips: – There are a number of new car preventive maintenance tips that one should follow in order to keep one’s pockets from heavy workshop maintenance bills. Here are few of these essential tips.
1) Regular Oil Change: – Oil is no doubt one of the most important aspects of keeping the performance of a car engine up to the mark. The oil keeps the engine components lubricated and prevents the friction among the components. But after a long use the engine oil tends to lose its lubrication power due to the heat and mixing of dirt and metal components. Thus, oil should be changed strictly as per schedule.
2) Maintain Fluid Level: – There are a number of fluids that one should take care of in order to keep the performance their respective components up to the mark. These fluids include engine coolant fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid and battery fluid. All of these fluids should be checked and maintained on a fortnight basis.
3) Regular Servicing: – The car should be taken to the company’s registered service center strictly as per schedule so that each and every part of the car checked/maintained in the supervision of skilled company engineers.
4) Tyre Pressure: – This is perhaps the most neglected aspect of car maintenance. Where the high tyre pressure can cause an early wear to the wheels and suspension system of the car, the low inflated tyres enhances the fuel economy by as much as 10 percent.

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