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The hike in petrol, has left the car buyers to go for diesel engine cars as they churn better mileage than petrol engine cars. In comparison to petrol cars, the maintenance cost of diesel engine is considered slightly higher, but tuning up and regular check up of the diesel engine car lows the maintenance cost to a great extent. Our team has brought few general tips for the diesel car owners that would for sure curtail down their cost of maintenance.

1) Being the possessor of diesel vehicle, it becomes necessary that you regularly check the glow plugs as they are the lifeline of entire diesel engine system. The key role of the glow plugs is to heat the car cylinders prior the engine functioning, therefore, during the chilly winters, the check of glow plugs become necessary.
2) Gaskets of the diesel engine are also needed to be checked at regular intervals as they operate the engine under severe conditions. Ensure that there is no leakage in the gaskets and the bolts are not loose.
3) While getting car serviced always make sure that the right oil filter is been used as it will prevent the dust particles from entering in the system and would let the engine function smoothly.
4) Always check that the engine is mounted properly before unscrewing any of the nuts, plugs or bolts.
5) It is necessary that you examine the diesel engine functioning at regular intervals, so that if there is any sort of trouble in the valves, filters or pipes it can be cured on time.
6) Ensure that you timely pour in oils like engine oil, gear box oil, coolant etc. this would smoothen the functioning of the cars engine and would result in peak performance and lesser cost of maintenance.

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