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Car Accessories – What You Want Onboard
by: Walter Shuler

Tuning your ride is the best way to attain a powerful, stylish vehicle. Numerous car accessories exist to help you change your ride the way that you want. If you have never tuned your ride before, you may need a few tips to point you in the right direction. Here are the hottest car accessories on the market today and what they offer you.

Carbon Fiber – Carbon fiber is the hottest customization material on the market, today. Most of today's supercars make dramatic use of this material. While carbon fiber may not have been used when your car rolled off the factory assembly line, you can still add it at a later point. Carbon fiber hoods and trunk lids are the most popular car accessories to make use of this material. They are stronger, lighter and more durable than their metal and fiberglass counterparts. However, before you rush out and buy just any old hood with the carbon fiber label, you should understand a few things.

First, not all carbon fiber hoods are authentic. Make sure that the hood you purchase is not just a carbon fiber veneer over metal for fiberglass. Second, make sure you purchase a hood that is made to fit your exact make and model ( can help you here).

LED Taillight – LED taillights are also incredibly popular. LEDs have actually been mandated by the federal government on many new production models. These taillights offer you a wide range of styles, from Euro to Asian-inspired options. In addition, they provide a long-lived lighting solution. LEDs can last many times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, which will save you money in the end. LEDs also offer brighter illumination to make you more visible on the road. Smoked, clear, red and other lens finishes are widely available to enhance your style.

HID Headlights – These car accessories pull double duty, operating with much a much brighter light that helps you see better at night, as well as providing you with a great look for your ride. HID conversion kits can be used to transform your ride from mundane to custom with a quick installation procedure. These lights are also available from a wide variety of distributor, giving you the options you need to make your ride unique.

Customizing your ride can also include other car accessories. LED wheel-well lights, custom car interiors and lighting, and many other options can make your car an extension of your personality and sense of style.  
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